Fast and effective DIET WITH PRUNES – lose up to 1 kg per day (MENU AND EXPERIENCES OF OTHERS)

Diet with prunes is considered one of the fastest, so it is recommended for healthy people who want to lose extra pounds in a very short time.

The experiences of the respondents show us that in two to three days you can lose over 3 kg of extra weight (almost a kilogram per day) – which is an extraordinary result! If it is carried out properly with adherence to the menu and recommended physical activity, the effects can be incredible.

Why prunes are so good for weight loss and how to keep this effective three-day diet, find out in the rest of our article!

Caloric value and composition of prunes.

If you have ever been informed about how healthy and useful these fruits are for our body, then you are probably not surprised that the diet with prunes is so popular and in demand today.

Namely, prunes for weight loss are an excellent choice because they speed up metabolism thanks to their dietary fiber, which is why they are often recommended in the diet.

In addition to fiber, they also contain antioxidants, namely precious beta carotene, then Vitamin E and C, phytochemicals and other elements. When it comes to the minerals included in the composition, it is worth mentioning copper and potassium.

Later, when we get to the preparation for the diet, you will see that the recommended intake is only 6 dried fruits per day and with their help you will supply the body with 15 grams of fructose and glucose sugars and around 25 grams of carbohydrates.

Phytonutrients that serve to strengthen immunity, neutralize free radicals, but also to preserve cells that prevent cancer, are also an integral part of this fruit.

If you are able, we advise you to take at least a quarter of a cup of prunes a day, because that way you get 17 percent of the required daily intake of Vitamin A.

The same amount of prunes contains 15 percent of dietary fiber (they help regulate blood sugar) and 10 percent of the recommended daily value of potassium (by consuming foods rich in potassium, we can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and other heart diseases). There are close to 270 calories in 100 g of prunes.

What kind of menu does the diet with prunes suggest for one day?

The breakfast:

– 6 prunes

A snack:

– one Apple


– one hot dog and a boiled egg.

Afternoon Snack:

– the same as for lunch Dinner:

– a glass of low-fat yogurt

As you can see from the menu, the fast diet with prunes is quite restrictive, and therefore should not be followed for longer than 3 days.

Please note that such a strict diet should only be used by healthy people. It would be best to consult a doctor first before starting with her.

At the very beginning, we said that physical activity is very important, that is, it helps in achieving even better and more visible results. You’re probably wondering why a diet, but it’s not really like that. Here is the answer:

If you only correct your diet, the diet with prunes will achieve certain results, i.e. they will not be identical, but they are not even close to those that include daily physical activity.

Of course, this does not mean any special training, but a light run of 15 to 20 minutes, a brisk walk in nature or something else that suits you best.

There is a variant where the diet is used every other day, and in between you eat normally (again, we note that physical activity is extremely desirable). So, you can extend the diet to 6 days, but one day you follow the diet menu, the next day you eat normally and so on in a circle.

Prunes regulate digestion and speed up metabolism.

When we talk about health benefits, a diet with prunes can be very useful for speeding up the metabolism and healing the entire digestive tract.

The fruits of this plant, whether fresh or dried, prepared in compote, are used as a natural remedy against constipation and our folk medicine especially values them.

In addition to being used for weight loss and dieting, prunes are very good for preventing numerous cardiovascular (heart) diseases, reducing the risk of diabetes (sugar disease), as well as for balancing good and bad cholesterol in the blood.

They are equally effective for bone health (they are excellent fighters against osteoporosis), improve vision, prevent accelerated aging, but are also used for kidney problems and gallstone pain.

Prunes in compote are especially recommended for people suffering from hemorrhoids. They will make the stool softer and more voluminous, and defecation will be much easier and will pass without any discomfort or disturbance.

If you have serious problems with stool constipation and constipation, then be sure to consult your doctor about the dosage of prunes, do not start a diet without it.

What are the experiences of users with this diet

As we said at the beginning of the text, if you regularly adhere to the diet and physical activity plan (20 minutes a day), the diet with prunes will be very effective.

Of course, this is also greatly influenced by the metabolism, which varies with each person, but the experiences of the respondents show us that on average one kilogram can be lost per day.

Browsing the forums, we came across a lot of positive comments when it comes to prunes for weight loss.

It certainly won’t hurt you if you’re in good health, but make sure you don’t overdo it with your daily intake. It is by no means recommended to keep the diet longer than 3 to 4 days because it is very demanding and strict (which can be seen from the menu).

Finally, we just want to mention that consultation with a doctor is mandatory for people who have health problems. For others, it is also recommended to talk to a medical professional because, like most others, the diet with prunes can be too demanding for the human body.

Its only disadvantages are that not everyone can use it (problems with stool, etc.) and that it can last only 3 to 4 days, so that the maximum possible loss is 4 to 5 kilograms.

The summary of the whole story is that these precious dried fruits are very healthy for humans, so a quick diet with prunes is automatically recommended for shedding extra pounds, but also as an excellent prevention of numerous ailments.

Author: urednik